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NL/Spain, Malaga area

Welcome, I am & I give you the space to connect with your greatest gifts from this life. By looking with integrity at the parts of the soul that are not yet in full harmony and acceptance, I can guide you to increase consciousness and experience spiritual progress within you. I help you awaken the teacher within yourself. The session is short and the retreats are transformational. A separate session is aimed at recognizing a specific soul part of yourself. The training & retreats are intended to make a lasting shift in your growth in consciousness. 

I believe that you enter every day into a transformation process with yourself.  Which will remember your own essence. Realizing that you are a multi-dimensional being, spiritual & human and that you can bring every part of you together in the now. When you are who you are, you flow in life. Discovering your inner leadership & gifts by experiencing the completeness of your soul in this time.

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