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This is a 6 day training/retreat. It is a one-time shift in which you can remember parts of your soul that you will then embody again.

It works from the inside out: bringing back and remembering soul parts stored in other dimensions makes your soul feel more complete. We are experienced with other dimensions and can guide you in this. 


Your soul exists in all these dimensions and by inviting a certain soul it is possible to (re)activate it again. Some parts that are inactive give you the feeling that there is more to life or that you do not yet feel the access to your full potential. We specialize in opening your channel so that these parts flow back to your body. These parts often also contain (un)known talents, which you can access again. 


Stand up for what you want and what you believe in. Not only in your familiar environment, but outside of it. That's the purpose. 


Transforming your doubts and question marks from Who am I, if I experience myself as complete? Who am I no longer? What is my mission then? What is the way? To what extent do I dare to embody my potential?

What it can bring you:


- Feeling clarity

- Shift your consciousness 

- Feel complete and embodiment of your soul vibration

- Pure & Free in speaking your truth

- Release old versions 

- Feeling, knowing & stepping up your heart leadership

Heart leadership training

 22-27 September

Malaga, south Spain

6-day training

1555 euros incl 

overnight stays

organic (vegetarian) meals


yoga embodiment

water & fire ceremonies

plant medicine journey

expression workshop

integration day

teachings & tools

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